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Coronoavirus consequence; Urgent funds needed!

Before COVID-19, our cancer patient’s incomes had already been hit hard due to time off for cancer treatments and doctors appointments.  Plus, with the impact of the high cost of healthcare and insurance, medical bills are piling up.. 


Now with the impact of Coronavirus, our cancer patients are devastated. 
Will YOU please give an emergency gift of $30 to provide emergency transportation assistance? 


Here’s what’s going on.  I just got off the phone from speaking to a worried patient.  Tom must travel 180 miles round-trip EACH DAY for the next 3 weeks for life-saving cancer treatments. Typically we would offer to assist this patient with lodging, but because of the nature of cancer treatments causing immune suppression, exposing him to a hotel setting is not an option for Tom.  It is also not an option for any of our other high risk patients.  


Your gift today will get gas cards into Tom’s hands immediately.  It will also provide emergency help to other patients like him who don’t have the option to postpone life-saving treatment.  Cancer does not stop for COVID-19. 


Our budget does not allow for the additional impact of the Coronavirus.  We need your help.


Your action is needed nowClick the Donate Button below, because EVERY DAY counts right now for Tom and his fellow cancer warriors.

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